Avoid Overvalued Stocks Easily


VMS examines company financials that grow at a steady pace in revenue and income, producing exponential growth. Our valuations are assessed with various quality factors that produce accurate results.


VMS closely examines stocks that outcompete other businesses within the same industry in terms of sales. This is one of the most vital assessments used to evaluate a fair value. It is especially weighted highest in my fair value.


All stocks have modelled a decent growth for the past decade! These stocks are selected based on Earnings Growth as well as a stable growth that is volatile enough to beat the stock market indices!


At VMS, performance means steady growth for 1+ year(s). You may sell off after a year making an expected return, or you can be consistent with that return long term. Either way VMS is best for any decision whether to buy, sell, or hold on the basis of fair value

Check Out The Big Five


Founded by Bill Gates and now run by Satya Nadella, Microsoft is a strong company that develops computer software. It is best known...


Facebook is a growth company that produces revenue mainly from advertisements. They are also famous for WhatsApp and Instagram...


The most famous e-commerce website. First it started with books, then with music, then with everyting from A to Z! With over 300 transactions per second...


Google sets milestones every quarter. Its main revenue source is from advertisements on platforms like YouTube and Google Chrome..."


The company that innovates. The Fruit Company. The one that makes the IPhone or Macbook you are using to view this beautiful site...