The company that innovates. The Fruit Company. The one that makes the IPhone or Macbook you are using to view this beautiful site. It captures the essence of simplicity while being one of the most profound products. As you may guess, revenue comes mainly from their IPhone and this has brought sustainable growth for years to the company. Apple never stops innovating with the creative Apple Watch to the stylish Airpods, Apple finds a way to load you with cool tech!


Name Description Value
Graham Value Benjamin Graham Formula 142.87
Enterprise Value Determines equity market capitalization 339.69
Book Value Sum of all assets 22.32
Earnings Value Values P/E and EPS based off industry 94.3
Cash Flow Value Values Free Cash Flow 59.92
Sales Value Indicates the growth in sales and revenue 28.91
Average 114.66833333333334

Valuations By Weight

Name Weightage Weighted Value
Graham Value 10 percent 14.287
Enterprise Value 5 percent 16.9845
Book Value 10 percent 2.232
Earnings Value 25 percent 23.575
Cash Flow Value 10 percent 5.992000000000001
Sales Value 40 percent 11.564
Weighted Average 74.63

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