The most famous e-commerce website. First it started with books, then with music, then with everyting from A to Z! With over 300 transactions per second, it generated revenue of nearly 300 billion a year. Millions use Amazon as a vital part of their business to conduct trade.


Name Description Value
Graham Value Benjamin Graham Formula 2095.06
Enterprise Value Determines equity market capitalization 4588.42
Book Value Sum of all assets 1175.81
Earnings Value Values P/E and EPS based off industry 744.12
Cash Flow Value Values Free Cash Flow 1182.92
Sales Value Indicates the growth in sales and revenue 1159.29
Average 1824.2700000000002

Valuations By Weight

Name Weightage Weighted Value
Graham Value 10 percent 209.506
Enterprise Value 5 percent 229.42100000000002
Book Value 10 percent 117.581
Earnings Value 25 percent 186.03
Cash Flow Value 10 percent 118.29200000000002
Sales Value 40 percent 463.716
Weighted Average 1324.55

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