Facebook is a growth company that produces revenue mainly from advertisements. They are also famous for WhatsApp and Instagram. This company grows strong because of its popularity in networking. It currently holds 1 billion users and 1 billion people and a couple of ads can make a lot of money, specifically, Facebook's Revenue.


Name Description Value
Graham Value Benjamin Graham Formula 463.46
Enterprise Value Determines equity market capitalization 925.54
Book Value Sum of all assets 293.34
Earnings Value Values P/E and EPS based off industry 233.75
Cash Flow Value Values Free Cash Flow 218.32
Sales Value Indicates the growth in sales and revenue 157.28
Average 381.9483333333333

Valuations By Weight

Name Weightage Weighted Value
Graham Value 10 percent 46.346000000000004
Enterprise Value 5 percent 46.277
Book Value 10 percent 29.334
Earnings Value 25 percent 58.4375
Cash Flow Value 10 percent 21.832
Sales Value 40 percent 62.912000000000006
Weighted Average 265.14

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