Google sets milestones every quarter. Its main revenue source is from advertisements on platforms like YouTube and Google Chrome. In terms of hardware, it is best known for the Pixel and the Google Home. It is on every chromebook used by many students and it is well known for its AI, "Google Assistant."


Name Description Value
Graham Value Benjamin Graham Formula 2668.94
Enterprise Value Determines equity market capitalization 5313.13
Book Value Sum of all assets 2303.85
Earnings Value Values P/E and EPS based off industry 1299.92
Cash Flow Value Values Free Cash Flow 1749.22
Sales Value Indicates the growth in sales and revenue 1508.75
Average 2473.9683333333332

Valuations By Weight

Name Weightage Weighted Value
Graham Value 10 percent 266.894
Enterprise Value 5 percent 265.6565
Book Value 10 percent 230.385
Earnings Value 25 percent 324.98
Cash Flow Value 10 percent 174.92200000000003
Sales Value 40 percent 603.5
Weighted Average 1866.34

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